Anthony Gedge

Anthony Gedge has been an entrepreneur, author and philanthropist for over thirty-five years. Owning two-night clubs, a record label and naming and regenerating an area of Leeds city centre called the Exchange Quarter.

For the past twenty-three years, Gedge has helped dental practice owners grow and exit for multiples far higher than they would have done on their own. 

He co-founded a charity called Dental Mavericks in 2008 to end daily dental pain for people worldwide with no access to pain-free dentistry. Dental Mavericks have now helped more than 150,000 beneficiaries gain access to FREE, pain-free dentistry.

Thirteen years ago, Gedge took John Lennon and Elvis Presley’s teeth on tour around UK dental practices to fight against mouth cancer. The free mouth cancer screenings events were shown on TV around the globe, including the BBC, ABC, and even featured in the Indian Times.

Finally, Gedge has lived in Marbella for the past eighteen years and regularly plays table tennis (although poorly) with a view to living 147 years young!